Improve at chess – learn from a humanlike chess AI

Play with instant feedback
Play chess with live insights to learn while you play, against a chess AI and coach that plays like a human at your own level.
Custom tactics & exercises
Get custom flashcard exercises from real situations in your games and practice with spaced repetition learning.
Openings & Endgames
Play against the computer in the openings you want to improve in. Master endgames and solidify your learnings.

Live Insights

Unlock your brain's innate learning potential, with instant feedback on every move.

In Live Insights (LIT) mode, Noctie will identify your mistakes using AI, and compliment you for your brilliancies.

You played Qd3.
That's an excellent move!
Black RookBlack QueenBlack RookBlack KingBlack PawnBlack PawnBlack PawnBlack PawnBlack KnightBlack PawnBlack KnightBlack PawnBlack PawnWhite PawnWhite PawnWhite PawnWhite QueenWhite PawnWhite PawnWhite KnightWhite PawnWhite PawnWhite RookWhite BishopWhite KingWhite Rook


Who is it for?
Noctie is for anyone looking to improve their game, while having fun. If you're a beginner, Noctie is a safe place to learn without stress. If you're a grandmaster, Noctie offers a superior experience to other chess AI and still gives useful advice.
What is Noctie's chess rating?
Noctie adapts to your level, whether you're an advanced beginner or a 2750 rated super-GM. At the strongest setting, Noctie surpasses human skill, providing a challenge for anyone.
Why play against a chess AI?
Playing chess against the computer lets you practice the openings and endgames you like, without stress. It also opens the opportunity to introduce live coaching while you play, supercharging your learning.
How does Noctie compare to regular chess bots?
Regular bots are based on chess engines that calculate far ahead, play mechanically and make artificial mistakes. Noctie emulates human intuition and play, playing just like a human at your level.
Why is chess so difficult to learn?
To improve at chess, you need targeted practice and immediate feedback. But chess practice requires a willing opponent, and learning requires human analysis of your game. Noctie does both, whenever you like.
How does Noctie help me with my chess practice?
The key is to play and get feedback. Noctie lets you practice realistic chess scenarios against AI, and uniquely gives you immediate feedback that activates your brain's learning circuits.

What is is a personal AI chess coach with a human touch. We aim to teach chess in a joyful and effective way – just like you would with a loved and respected human coach.

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